Covid-19 Advisory

Due to the current situation, some additional safety measures were implemented and approved by the ETH Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SGU) of ETH Zurich. For your own safety, you will be asked to sanitize your hands at the beginning of the study. You will then be given a protective mask which you must wear during your entire stay in the laboratory. The laboratory runs at reduced capacity so that all participants are seated at least 1.5 m apart. Two days prior to the start of the session, you will receive a link to a short health check questionnaire, which contains further information on our safety precautions.


Phase 3.3+ (starting Sept 1st, 2020): Labs operate with low density protocols. For session taking less than 60 minutes, we apply a layout with 18 participants (50% capacity). For all other sessions only 13 participants per sessions are allowed (36% capacity). NeuroLab and VRLab workflows are allowed with 1 participant and 1 research assistant. Online research operates normally.

Last Update: 28.09.2021, Stefan Wehrli


Documents (for lab staff only)


Situation plans

Example of low density protocol I, 13 persons at max.

Example of low density protocol II, 18 persons for 60 minutes at max.